Ancascocha Trek

Salkantay trek and Inca Trail are often touted as Cusco’s must-do trek, but there is a rising star in a far more remote pocket of Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary – the five-day Ancascocha trek. It takes you to the high alpine or highland and cloud forest wilderness here and has the trail pretty much to everyone. With Peru’s famous Inca Trail, and Salkantay Trek, becoming increasingly overrun – forcing travellers to battle stiff competition for peak season permits – the lesser-known Ancascocha Trek is quickly gaining a reputation as both a less-crowded, scenic historical trail due to the Inca Trail, and more strenuous alternative.

A good level of fitness is required due to the high altitude. But the extra effort pays off. The Ancascocha trek offers mind-blowing vistas and takes in a variety of ecosystems – from cloud forests and alpine peaks to glacial lakes and tropical jungles. Following in the footsteps of the highly trained Inca messengers, the four- to five-day odyssey culminates at the ancient site of Machu Picchu.
On Ancascocha trek, the trail goes through very remote andean communities, where locals try to keep living in happiness moving their llamas and alpacas as they’ve been doing so far. This trail forms part of the network of classic Inca Trail which is linking Machu Picchu from the other towns located in the highlands, therefore, we’ll have the chance to witness ancient Incan ruins along the path to Machu Picchu, Inca ruins that are still covered by shrubs waiting for becoming uncovered by you.
If you are even more an intrepid one, and have longer time to hike, you have a chance to continue hiking the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as the trail gets to same path, so this would be even more a WOW experience for you.

Come and join us in our adventure to hike this amazing historical trail to create an experience that changes your life.

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Hiking between 7 to 8 hours every day covering the 58 km / 36,04 miles of trail, with stops to enjoy the unique nature visuals along the trail, and we’ll hike through the ancient Inca Trail, and a part of Classic Inca Trail as the path finishes at KM 82 which is the starting point of Classic Inca Trail, we’ll learn about the local culture, local flora and fauna, history, counted by our great storyteller Tour Leaders, getting to two high passes, which are over 4,400 m.a.s.l, and exploring Inca ruins along the trail where we’ll enjoy the history of each place by our local expert. We’ll interact with local children engaging them in games, this will be a memorable experience for both you and the children of the local community. We’ll end this amazing adventure exploring the stunning ancient inca city of Machu Picchu with our tour leader discovering its mysteries.
We’ll eat amazing food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch time, tea time), all fresh, just made and organic food, all prepared by our Quechua chef. All this food experience we’ll be always in our dining tents with chairs, tables, at night with lamps, and many more.
At night we’ll take a time to get our cameras ready to spot some constelations and take some awesome shots of milky way. And our accomodation for night we’ll be in four season tents with therma rest sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.


Discover remnants of a well-preserved historic civilization, as well as a thriving modern culture. Relish in the beauty of nature, breathtaking mountain peaks, and artifacts from one the most powerful empires in human history. Meet local people, and grassroots leaders who’ll share their contributions to Andean society.  Hike a part of classic Inca Trail, and hike up to the highlands then to immerse into the cloud forest,  enjoy the magical ancient city of Machu Picchu, as well as other archaeological sites along the trail.


Start the day in your tent with wake up call, which is a nice and hot coca tea, after that, to have breakfast at camp base, a great Andes mountains with lush forest, highland deserted vistas, and stunning views generally. Spend the day hiking, getting different types of microclimates, different nature views every single minute, getting some archaeological sites, enjoying some fascinating stories counted by our Tour Leaders. Stop about mid-day for lunch, generally on the half way to the next camp site.
End your day with a nice tea time, then a typical-cooked dinner made from our locally-sourced ingredients.
At night, we’ll take a glance the sky to learn about the andean constelation, and take some great shots of milky way. End your activity of the day, resting in a confortable four season tent with nice sleeping pads, and sleeping bags.


We offer everyday departures with a minimum of 2 people. Prices are per person, which are based on two people who might share a room / tent. The itinerary is described and based on shared services; however, you are looking for a private service, that would be upon request.


From: USD 750 per person




STRENUOUS: Full-day hikes (6-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many hikes. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 14,500 feet are in this category.


Hiking / Trekking, Archaeology, Cultural Adventures


While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes. Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessary liable to local conditions, e.g, strikes, natural desasters, these changes might be at the discretion of your travel company.

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