Ausangate Trek

Ausangate Trek–Spend seven days following deserted Peruvian paths along the coloured hills and around the skirt of the highest snow-capped peak in Cusco to the breathtaking “Lost City of the Incas.”

Ausangate Trek to Machu Picchu along with Rainbow mountains, are the ultimate and absolute program we have for you to immerse more into the real experience with more free time to roam and explore the great andean scenery, enjoying the trek properly with no rush. Embrace All the famed Ausangate trek beauty with none of the crowds on the trail, and witness the great coloured Rainbow mountain – A must see.! One of the most breathtaking spots on earth with craggy peak rising dramatically from the lake’s edge up towards the heavens, the coloured hills, and conquer Machu Picchu hiking through very remote communities and allowing hikers to learn more about the inca history. Hike in for the highland verdant vistas and up-close encounters with rare andean vicuñas, alpacas, llamas, and birds, witness the snow dusted mountains, glacier peaks, glistening lochs, glacier erratic rocks, breathtaking vistas on which to take it all in.

Ausangate trek–For a photographer, has it all: stunning snow capped mountains, coloured rainbow hills, eroded peaks, lakes & streams, amazing sunrises, brilliant weather and skies dark enough to expose the Milky Way.

Join us and get ready to hear the most fantastic stories and local legends while exploring this part of Cusco to Machu Picchu with pure and plain nature. And hike with us to make it an easy trip for even a long weekend. The landscape is like nothing else you will have ever seen – it is truly breathtaking!

Group Size: We need a minimum of 02 people to depart. Family groups, friend travelers, couple travelers or even if you’re a SOLO traveler, you are welcome to our adventure to Machu Picchu. Prices are per person which are based on two people who might share a room / tent. The itinerary is described and based on shared services; however, you are looking for a private service, that would be upon request.

Service Level: Upgraded


  • View ice-clad Ausangate, and the diverse ecosystems of the Cordillera Vilcanota.
  • Trek in a high Andean realm close by to herd of llamas, and alpacas. Stay in a mountain 4 season roomy tents (Black Diamond tents).
  • Explore the unique natural formations on earth the Rainbow Mountains with a specialist guide.
  • Hike at elevations between 13,776′ and 16,400′ with several passes around 16,826′.
  • Visit remote rural communities preserved in rich Incan culture.
  • Camp along remote mountainsides, where we can savor peaceful nights beneath a star-filled sky.
  • Enjoy the comforts of our legendary Ausangate Trek camping services—the best on the trail!
  • Spend the last day at Incomparable Machu Picchu, “Lost City of the Incas” with a private guide.
  • Your own private guide, muleteers, horses, delicious camp cuisine prepared by your personal cook.
  • Small groups, Big adventures (min 2 – max 8 / average 4 people)

Physical Grading:  1 2 3 4 5 6

VERY STRENUOUS, CHALLENGING: Full-day hikes (7-9 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 4,000 feet) on many days, with some camping and hiking at extreme altitudes. Most hikes take place at altitudes above 11,500 feet, with some days ascending as high as 16,850 feet.

Activities: Hiking / Trekking, Cultural Adventures.

Accommodations: 4 season Black Diamond tents designed for 4 people which are used only for 2 people, come with sleeping pads “Therma-Rest”, and Pillows.

  • 3 star Hotel in Aguas Calientes Town / Machu Picchu Town.

Important Note: While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes. Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessary liable to local conditions, e.g, strikes, natural desasters, these changes might be at the discretion of your travel company.

Price: From US$ 1230 / 7 Days / per person

The price is based on two-person. Whether you would like to take a private service, our service would increase in US$350 with two-person, US$300 with three-person, US$250 with four-person or more, these prices are applied to each person.

We need a minimum of two people to run the tour. We guarantee that your tour will be limited to a maximum of 8 people. To ensure a private tour with us, our price increases US$350 with two-person, US$300 with three-person, US$250 with four-person or more, these prices are applied to each person.

Request a Quote: We can customize this private trek just for you. Any element can be tailored – activities, length, hotels and other destinations. Call us at +51 984 464 391 or request a quote, Here.

Acclimatization: Please allow a minimum of 2 days in Cusco before your hike begins to Ausangate Trek.

Ausangate trek to Machu Picchu

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We leave the city of Cusco in the morning, then to drive for 3 and a half-hour to get Upis which is the beginning of the trail, along the way we will see picturesque towns, and we will stop for a couple of times to enjoy the sceneries, once we arrive to Upis we will meet up with our local muleteers and horses, where we will get ready to start the great adventure, we will walk for about 2 hours to get the first pass called Arpa(4,650m / 15,206feet) after that, we will walk downhill to get the lunch spot, where we’ll have our succulent lunch, then we’ll continue walking to get the first camp site where we’ll camp right next to the lagoon. in the evening we’ll have tea time, subsequently dinner.

Hiking Time, 7 hours aprox….

Hiking Distance, 9 km/ 5.5 miles.


A hot coca tea provided by our chef, will be so nice to wake up in the morning, right away to have breakfast, after that we will start again with our expedition, walking uphill along the pathway we will see herds of llamas and alpacas that we will be just close by to them, so that will be the perfect moment to get some great pictures, after 2 hours hiking we’ll get the next pass located at an elevation of 4,950m / 16,187feet. After that we’ll walk downhill to get the second camp site, where we’ll have our lunch, in the evening we will have amazing sunset at the top of the mountains which will be a perfect time for the photography, then we’ll have tea time, subsequently dinner.

Hiking Time, 4 hours aprox….

Hiking Distance, 7 km/ 4.3 miles.


In the morning we will have a beautiful sunrise at the top of Ausangate’s summit, we will enjoy this view having our breakfast, later on to climb up for 2 hours to get the next pass which is at 5,000m / 16,350feet, from where we’ll walk downhill and on highland plane sections to get the famous Rainbow Mountains, after enjoying the awesome views at these colored hills we’ll come back on the same way to get the same camp site to have our lunch. In the afternoon we will continue walking for 2 and a half hours to arrive the fourth camp spot called Ausangateqocha(4,700m / 15,369feet), this camp site is located at the backside of the Ausangate mountain thus we will see the mountain from a different angle, and there is a nice lagoon close the camp site, where we will see many highland birds. In the evening we will have tea time, subsequently dinner.

Hiking Time, 9 hours aprox…

Hiking Distance, 16 km/ 9.9 miles.


Another great day to enjoy the mind-blowing coloured hills next to the Ausangate Mt (6,381m/ 20,866feet), a highest mountain in Cusco, and to see more glacier lagoons, after having breakfast we will begin again with our expedition, the pathway starts right away uphill until reaching the next pass called Palomani that is at 5,080m / 16,612feet; where, we’ll start to take a glance the massive mountain and some other colored hills, then we’ll walk downhill to get the valley part, where we’ll eat our lunch, and in the afternoon we’ll walk up to the next camp spot located at an elevation of 4,800m / 15,696feet. Where, in the evening we’ll have tea time, subsequently dinner.

Hiking Time, 8 hours aprox…

Hiking Distance, 12 km/ 7.4 miles


We start the day with a great breakfast that is provided by our chef, then we walk gradually up to get the last pass called Jhampa pass(5,190m / 16,971feet), from this last pass we start to walk gradually downward, after 2-hour walking we arrive to lunch place, that afternoon we have 3 more hours to get Pacchanta town where we spend the last night, in the evening we have time for a dip into the thermal water or hot springs. At night we have a special dinner which is made as a surprise by our quechua chef, and we enjoy the last supper all the team members together.

Hiking Time, 8 hours aprox…

Hiking Distance, 12km/ 7.4 miles


Wake up call hot coca tea in the morning to have another great day, after having breakfast we leave Pacchanta town to drive for 4 hours to get Ollantaytambo town, we’ll drive though the true Sacred Valley of The Incas, on the way we’ll stop to have a beautiful lunch picnic. When we arrive to picturesque Ollantaytambo town, we’ll explore it walking on its typical and ancient inca streets. In the evening we’ll have our dinner and celebrate the trip with Pisco Sours in this town then to take our train to Machu Picchu town at 7:00pm, where we’ll spend the night at a hotel. That day we’ll say goodbye to our local muleteers, chef and other summit staffs.

Hiking Time, Very Light Walks.

Hiking Distance, 0km/ 0 miles


Today is the glorious day! because we’ll conquer Machu Picchu, so we wake up very early to have breakfast at the hotel, we go to the bus station to take the bus and drive for 25-minute to the sanctuary, when we arrive we will get in Machu Picchu. “Even more sublime” will be the feeling in our heart of having the Sacred city right infront of us, so we will seal our feat with an epic picture with Machu Picchu at the background. After the photography session, the tour will start, where our tour leader will be the main character for three-hour on the history, arqueology, ancient architecture. Once you finish the sightseeing at Machu Picchu you will have enough time to explore the sacred city. Whether you have booked a climb to Wayna Picchu, you will climb up the mountain after or before the tour, it depends of the spaces availability for that date, more info see Wayna picchu option. In the afternoon you have to take the bus from Machu Picchu inca city back to Aguas Calientes town( Machu picchu town), then to take the train back to Ollantaytambo train station and/or Poroy train station, where our transportation will be waiting for you to get you back to the hotel in Cusco.

End of our service, Farewell meeting at Hotel.


Although we do our very best to adhere to the schedule above, the itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control, including strikes, weather and terrain conditions.


Average daytime temperatures in and around Cusco generally range from 55° – 75° F with evenings cooling down into the 40s and 50s. Much of this itinerary takes place in the mountains where weather can change very quickly and evening temperatures regularly drop into the 14s and 40s. As our treks are planned during the “dry season”, days are typically clear and pleasant, with afternoon clouds occasionally building and leading to small amounts of precipitation. While April and November departures may experience slightly higher amounts of rainfall, all-day rain is unusual. We will be hiking over multiple mountain passes which are above 16,500′ so guests should be prepared for unpredictable mountain weather.


  • Transportation from hotel to Upis town.
  • Transportation from Pacchanta town to Ollantaytambo train station.
  • Round trip train ticket.
  • Bus up & down in Machu Picchu.
  • Entrance ticket for Machu Picchu.
  • Transportation from train station to hotel.
  • Camping Equipment 4 season tent(04 people tent for 02 people).
  • Thermarest mattresses
  • Other camping equipment, a dining tent with table and chairs, and a kitchen tent, manned by a professional cooking staff.
  • Ausangate English guide, Our guides are equipped and trained to practice First-Aid, administer oxygen if needed, and conduct radio communication.
  • Meals: Breakfast (6), lunch (6), dinner (5), and snacks.
  • A professional Quechua chef.
  • Horses, and muleteers; horses carry your 7-kl / 14-pound personal items.
  • Oxygen Tank.
  • Emergency Horse to escort us during the trek.


  • Sleeping bags, you can rent them from us, US$5 per day, and hiking poles US$5 per day( a pair of poles, Black Diamond or leki brand).
  • Extra expenditure during the trek, such as: soda, alcoholic drinks, extra snacks, tickets for the hot Springs.
  • Tipping for the guides, porters or muleteers, and other staff.
  • Travel Insurance and things of a personal nature – laundry and telephone calls, personal taxis, souvenirs etc.
  • Travel and health insurance (bring copies with you please), we highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation, interruption; an insurance to protect your travel investment, Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance. Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control, including changes in scheduling trains or flights, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, etc. it should be covered by the passenger as a whole. Also, if you for physical reasons of health cannot continue the trek or walk, and will need emergency evacuation then all charges incurred such as transportation, hotel, ambulance, doctors, medication, hospitalization, etc. will be at passenger’s expense.


  • Travel insurance (and some copies).
  • Original Passport (and some copies)
  • 4 season Sleeping bag -15ºC (or you can rent one from us).
  • Sleeping bag liner.
  • Backpack to carry your things.
  • Phone and Camera charger and adapter.
  • Camera.
  • Ear Plugs.
  • Torch or headlamps.
  • Deet or mosquito repellent ( recommendable 30% deet).
  • Hiking poles ( or you can rent one pair from us).
  • Rain gear (especially if traveling in the wet season, from October to March).
  • Comfortable hiking clothes, including warm clothes for the nighttime.
  • Good hiking boots with protector ankle or similar, and one pair of flip-flops or light sandals.
  • Sunblock and sunglasses.
  • Hiking long sleeve T-shirts.
  • Hiking trousers.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Hiking socks.
  • Water bottle or canteen.
  • American dollars and peruvian soles in cash.
  • Sun hat, cap, and warm hat and gloves for the nighttime.
  • Toilet paper, and face tissue paper.
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen).
  • Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may take).

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