Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountains 6 Days

Ausangate Trek 6 days

Ausangate Trek 6 Days Ausangate Trek 6 days–Ausangate Park is one of the most beautiful and remote wilderness areas the world. It’s the beginning point for an exhilarating deep dive into the natural beauty, culture, and adventure of South America. The Ausangate Trek 6 days with Peru Summit is the most iconic trekking route in […]


Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountains 4 Days

Ausangate Trek 4 days

Ausangate Trek 4 Days Ausangate Trek 4 days–Feel the pulse of snow-clad mountains and the Rainbow Mountains on this 4-day hiking through one of Peru’s most timeless and wilderness regions. An adventure trek designed for a smoother and leisurely hike in the remote place of Ausangate. This trek takes us truly off the beaten path, […]


Ausangate Trek 5 Days

ausangate trek

Ausangate Trek Ausangate Trek–Snow-clad mountains, coloured hills with alpacas & llamas and dramatic vistas color this 5-day journey around the skirt of  wondrous highest peak in Cusco including the stunning Rainbow Mountains. An ultimate adventure which was designed to discover this part world’s charm. So get ready for a mind-blowing experience as you embark on […]


Ausangate Trek 7 days

Ausangate Trek

Ausangate Trek Ausangate Trek–Spend seven days following deserted Peruvian paths along the coloured hills and around the skirt of the highest snow-capped peak in Cusco to the breathtaking “Lost City of the Incas.” Ausangate Trek to Machu Picchu along with Rainbow mountains, are the ultimate and absolute program we have for you to immerse more into […]


Rainbow Mountain In Cusco, Peru Trek 1 Day

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Spend a full day hike following deserted highland paths through alpaca and llama herds to this breathtaking Rainbow Mountain Cusco, perched high above the Vilcanota Range with an expert private guide, and escorted by a horse to load the personal gears, water or snacks. Peru’s incredible natural and man-made wonders offer travelers […]


Alternative Hiking To Machu Picchu

Hiking Machu Picchu Tours

Hiking Machu Picchu Tours Hiking Machu Picchu Tours–Looking for an off-the-beaten-path route to Machu Picchu? Take a look this essential information to answer your questions, and which trek is suitable for you. Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel nestled high in the crest of the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built […]


Who We Are

We are a small Boutique travel company in Peru, and Our team of Customized travel specialists that have more than 10+ years of knowledge within Peru’s travel industry. Our local insight of Peru’s most inspiring places is unrivaled. From fascinating trekking and journey to Machu Picchu to the Ballestas Islands to intrepid Amazon Jungle adventures, […]


Vacation Packages

vacation packages

Peru offers the visitor an extraordinary array of wonders both historical and geographical for an amazing experience in all Vacation Packages. The country is divided into three regions. There is the coastal Pacific plain on which the capital, Lima is located, the Altiplano of the Andean mountain range and the jungle which covers approximately half […]