Inca Trail Permits Availability

Inca Trail Permits Availability 2019 Out Now!

Inca Trail Permits Availability 2019–Click on each month to see the available permits on specific dates, and if you find some availability book your trip a.s.a.p, we are already getting bookings for 2019, so book your spot now.

The Peruvian Government issues a limited number of Inca Trail permits a day (500 permits a day which are issued to about 200 trekkers per day and about 300 porters) due to the preservation, conservation, and popularity of this spectacular route. Permits generally sell out six months in advance. Reserve your spot now and leave the rest to Peru Summit Adventures!

Inca Trail Permits Availability 2019 – Per Month:

– January: CLOSED                                    – July: SOLD OUT

– February: UNAVAILABLE                       – August: SOLD OUT

– March: CLOSED                                        – September: SOLD OUT

– April:  SOLD OUT                                    – October: AVAILABLE

– May:  SOLD OUT                                      – November: AVAILABLE

– June:  SOLD OUT                                    – December: AVAILABLE

Trail Details / Inca Trail Permits Availability Details

  • Highlights: The ancient Inca Trail itself still with an original section at most part, 7 Incan Ruins (most of them are temples), Dramatic views, Unesco’s heritage site, ends at Machu Picchu.
  • Distance: 42 km/26 miles.
  • Duration: The classic one in 4 Days/3 Nights,  The relaxed & enhanced way in 5 days / 4 nights (you see Machu Picchu twice).
  • Departures: Daily with 2ppl as minimum, max 8ppl, average 3-4ppl.
  • When to book: 5+ months ahead/ or even a year ahead.
  • Altitude: 2,400m/7,872ft to 4,215m/13,825ft.
  • Adventure Rating: ★★★★☆ Moderate to strenuous, lengthy, high altitude.
  • Solitude Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ Famous, touristy trail, crowded.
  • When to Go: Best from March to November.
  • Terrain: Dirt, rock, stone steps, multiple high passes.
  • Acclimatization: 2 – 3 days acclimatization.
  • Customizable: Yes! Just let us know, custom, add-ons all available.
  • Price: USD 1050.00 per person.
  • Why the cost is so different with other companies?: Prices range from $500 to $1600, in other words if you pay $500 you’re making each porter carry over 35kg/70pounds that’s unfair, if you pay $800 – $1100 you are a responsible traveler because your porter and other staff will be grateful, and if you pay more than $1100 most probably that company is a foreigner one and most probably will pass you at a different local company. Most of the Inca Trail companies still abuse of their staff specially in wage, weigh, and welfare, so the amount you pay reflects a lot on that. Please, take your time to research before to choose any of them.
  • Type of meal: Plenty of food with option for vegetarians, gluten free, lactose free, etc. Food is Awesome!
  • Gears: The best of the trail, roomy Black Diamond / North Face Summit Series tents, Therma rest mattress (air mattresses) with pillows, dining tent with chairs table, kitchen tent, and toilet tent just for our travelers.
  • Who carries my extra personal items?: Don’t worry, your personal porter carries 7 kg / 14 pounds of your personal items, so you hike just with your rucksack.
  • How is like my Trek Leader? Our Peru Summit professional Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders with a deep knowledge of the route, destination and a focus on customer service makes all the difference in the route. Our Tour Leaders are experts in Inca history, nature, birding, gastronomy, local language (Quechua), local traditions, emergency procedures, etc, with a deep connection to Peru’s enthralling traditional culture. Our Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders have the warmth, knowledge, courage, endless energy, and that special “it” factor that transforms a journey into an unforgettable experience.
  • Weather: Between May and October mostly sunny with some light rainfalls on days 2, 3, and 4. Between November and April with rainfalls on some days, if come on these months be prepared, although weather in Andes mountains is totally unpredictable, it changes a lot.
  • What if I don’t find availability on the date I want? You have several options to take, 1, you can opt to hike the shorter version of Inca Trail an see Machu Picchu twice with overnight in Machu Picchu town. 2, you can opt to hike the alternative trails to reach Machu Picchu by hiking and train on some sections like Salkantay Trek,  Lares Trek,  Ancascocha Trek,  Inca Quarry Trek,  Ausangate Trek,  Lares Trek Plus Short Inca Trail, and  Choquequirao Trek.
  • Activities: Hiking / Trekking, Archaeology, Cultural Adventures.
  • Responsible Travel? Let’s make this world a better place for everyone and for everyone that lives in it! our GREEN ENGAGE way traveling with us is believe strongly in low impact or rather a positive impact on tourism. Responsible business has always been at the heart of what we do. These values are not more than just words, they are ingrained in the culture and philosophy of our crew, daily operations of Peru Summit Adventures trips and at our office too.

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Inca Trail Elevation (gain & loss) Map

Our Inca Trail Tours, Click on the option you like most and make your adventure started.

  1. Classic Inca Trail 4 Days.

  2. Enhanced Inca Trail 5 Days

  3. Short Inca Trail 2 Days

  4. Salkantay Trail + Inca Trail 7 Days

  5. Lares Trek + Short Inca Trail 5 Days


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