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Rainbow Mountain Private Tours By Peru Summit Adventures

Rainbow Mountain Private Tours—Wild and remote colorful landscape with endless scenery fills our day hike and multi-day hikes to the southern end of Cusco, where the Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate Mountain are located.

Rainbow Mountain for locals as Vinicunca Mountain, it is known for its majestic colorful mountains and valleys is a must-do for any hiker. This new and iconic destination in Cusco Peru does not disappoint to all those who hike there. Southern part of Cusco is where the Vilcanota range located with high glacier mountains that gave origin to gorgeous lakes and colorful valleys where the Rainbow Mountain is. It’s here the highest mountain in Cusco is located, called Ausangate Mountain with an altitude of 20,956 feet, one of the main destinations in Peru for mountaineering, ice climbing or mountain climbing.

Close to this mountain range with a great view at the background of Ausangate, we begin our treks to Ausangate Trek + Rainbow Mountain and Rainbow Mountain Private Tours and Treks making a complete loop for an absolute exploration the gem of this wilderness of the Andes. From Upis, the head-trail we explore the spectacular Ausangate massif and colorful valleys, We hike to places that provide amazing views of the snow-capped mountains, lakes, eroded mountains, herds of llamas and alpacas with locals. Here, eroded peaks, lakes, and spires form impressive mountain vistas and stunning scenery. It’s how we create absolute mountain experiences for memorable adventures.

If we hike just the Rainbow Mountain in one day, We start our hike from the end of the road to the impressive Rainbow Mountain, we aim to get it as earlier as possible to avoid the crowds, leaving Cusco early in the dawn–Rainbow Mountain Private Tours.

Our trips are officially operated by Peru Summit Adventures, a 100% local tour operator based in Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain Cusco

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru tours

Trek Highlights For Rainbow Mountain Private Tours

  • Hike among jagged peaks, dramatic vistas, and pristine lakes.
  • Visit the Rainbow Mountain and Ausagate Mountain on an absolute hiking around the mountain range.
  • Trek in a wild landscape filled with vicuñas, llamas, alpacas, birds, and locals in their colored clothes.
  • Stay in cozy and roomy 4 season tents, the best of equipment on the trail.
  • A totally supported hike with a private staff, for lifetime adventure.


  • Hiking/ Trekking, Camping.

Time to Go

  • The best time to go is from mid-April to October.
  • November, March (mid-March), and April can be hiked, but rainfall, snow and hails can be expected, for sure.
  • We do not recommend a hike in December and January, the strongest rainy months.


When you research altitude information about this place it’s usually to find 5,200 meters, but that elevation is too much exaggerated for this place and of course, that’s a wrong altitude information. The correct altitude for Rainbow Mountain is 5,050 meters / 16,568 feet, sometimes it may vary in 30 meters/ 98.4 feet on some GPS gadgets. The trail that follows around the Ausangate Mountain goes through different high passes, which are from 4,850 meters/ 15,912 feet to 5,000 meters/ 16,404 feet, and a couple of 5,200 meters/ 17,060 feet which are the highest passes along the trail. Hiking at this elevation requires making an extra effort and some shots of oxygen are very helpful and make sure you have that. Our hikes always come with an emergency horse and a muleteer that escort our travelers along the trail to reach the destination, where our travelers are free to ride or upload the daypacks, and our emergency horse comes with a super oxygen tank and a first aid kit.

Trails, Tours and Hikes

There are different trails with different durations for different physical rating and here we have a list of them, click on each option for more information.

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru tours

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru tours

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