Birdwatching Cusco Peru

Birdwatching Cusco Peru

Birdwatching Peru Tours

Birdwatching Peru Tours–The fabled Peruvian bird-watching. If ever there was a lifetime experience—this is it. We like to do our birding trips a little different than the conventional birder operators. Your way, your adventure! So immerse yourself in a Peru that is uniquely yours. Add extra days or adjust locations to see what you want to see, the way you want to see it. Peru is one of the greatest countries on earth for bird lovers. The bird population in Peru is, incredibly, about 10% of the world’s total. With nearly 2,000 species of resident and migrant birds identified throughout Peru, great bird-watching sites abound.

Manu, Paracas, and Machu Picchu are just a few of the many places that draw international birdwatchers to Peru. With more than twice as many species as the whole of North America, Peru is one of the today’s top birding destinations. Peru is one of the three most diverse countries for birds on Earth and stands at the top of the international birder’s agenda. Its varied geography and topography, and its wildernesses of so many different life zones have endowed Peru with the greatest bio-diversity and a large density of birds.

Manu Biosphere Reserve, believed to have the highest concentration of bird life on the planet, is legendary among birders. It boasts more than 1,000 species of birds. Cocks-of-the-rock, quetzals, toucanets, tanagers, and seven species of colorful macaws await patient birders. Some visitors have spotted as many as 500 species in relatively short visits to Manu. The Tambopata National Reserve is also extraordinary for birding and more accessible than Manu. The reserve, about a third the size of Costa Rica, claims more species of birds (around 600) and butterflies (more than 1,200) than any place of similar size. Both Tambopata and Manu are famous for their collpas, or salt licks, where hundreds of macaws, parrots, and other birds appear daily to feed.

Look into the eyes of a mountain monkey on your way to Manu. Hike up majestic Machu Picchu. Craft an elegant amazonian birding featuring Manu National Park, and Tambopata National Reserve. Create your perfect travel style, whether authentic safari tent, handpicked lodge or prestigious hotel. Throughout your journey, your private local guide will bring Peruvian culture, wildlife, music and cuisine to life. Relax knowing that our local expert staff will enhance your travel experience. We know Peru. So contact our experts for your customized Birding adventures, your way, your pace.

Apart from some of the world’s best birding (and as we all know, birding is just an excuse to get us to wild and wonderful places), Peru is just a great place to be. It has unsurpassed scenery, a magnificent history, friendly people, impressive archaeological sites, stunning scenery, and great cuisine.

The Smallest Groups en Route – Averaging Just 4 Travelers

Small Groups Mean Intimate Nature, Wildlife and Cultural Encounters. Could you imagine trying to hike silently along an isolated trail in the forest carefully not disturbing shy wildlife, with 10 or 20 other travelers? Or walking on a remote natural area to explore the pristine wilderness with dozens of other tourists at your side? We Do know meaningful nature encounters must be undertaken in small groups. That’s why, our trips come with an average of just four travelers, by far, the smallest groups in travel business across the country. This not only guarantees you more personal close-up wildlife experience, but a less-impact presence on the earth’s brittle natural places we love.

Think Green, Think Global for a Better Place for Everyone

Traveling with us you are making a big difference in favor of the environment, our trips are rated as eco-friendly trips to ensure that fragile ecosystems are protected and maintained for future human generations, also maintain ecosystem and environment integrity through considering a sustainable and ethical business model. Making genuine and sustainable itineraries often translates to real costs, with a host of responsible travel practices that underpin our prices.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime – give us a call at +51 984 464 391 or shoot us an email at to learn more or book your spot today!

These trips are officially operated by Peru Summit, a 100% local tour operator based in Cusco.

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Birdwatching Peru

Birdwatching Peru

Birdwatching PeruBirdwatching Peru

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Our main destinations for Birdwatching Peru and Cusco:

Any of the following Peru birdwatching tours/trips can be extended to Machu Picchu for an absolute experience.

  • Manu National Park, From 4 days to 7 days

  • Tambopata National Reserve, From 3 to 5 days

  • Huacarpay Wetland full day

  • Machu Picchu Valley to Hydroelectric full day

  • Highlands, Cloud Forest & Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 5 days (new itinerary)

  • Inca Trail 5 days

  • Choquequirao Trek 6 days

  • Salkantay Trek 7 days

  • Abra Malaga Cloud Forest 3 Days.

  • Chonta Condors & Soraypampa Salkantay 3 days

Request a Quote: We can customize this private birding tour just for you. Any detail can be tailored – activities, length, hotels and other destinations. Call us at +51 984 464 391 or request a quote, Here.

Birdwatching Peru

Birdwatching PeruBirdwatching Peru