Birding Tour To Machu Picchu

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Birding Tour To Machu Picchu

Birding Tour To Machu Picchu by Lodge,  A New Way to Reach Machu Picchu!

Birding Tour To Machu Picchu–Dramatic landscapes with lush forest home for many species of birds, Incan trail, hot springs, and three nights at local family’s home make this 5-day Birding to Machu Picchu one of the most treasured for birders and hikers the world over to reach Machu Picchu.

The Cusco state may be a small department in Peru,  but it is wedged between three ranges (Urubamba, Vilcanota, and Vilcabamba), however,  few locations in the world are bigger on nature, adventure and conservation—and no birding itinerary to Machu Picchu that we know of shows you more of its varied wild treasures than this one. Birding outfitters have only been offering partial tours to these places, after making enough exploration of these place and recording the bird list, we introduce you this great and unique way to reach Machu Picchu while doing what we most love to do–birdwatching and hiking.

Flanked by miles of lush forest on the Andes mountains, Cusco’s some parts and interiors are a lush tangle of the cloud forest, mist-veiled mountains, rushing rivers, snowcapped mountains, and habitat for some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Within the layers of green upon green, thousands of species thrive, gigantic ferns (tree-fern), orchids, bromelia, neon-bright parrots, tanagers, iridescent hummingbirds, cock of the rock (Peru’s national bird), agoutis, butterflies, and frogs…and that’s just for starters! Amid the colors and cacophony of the tropical forest, our senses have never been so engaged, to make this journey 100% complete, a section of Inca Trail will get us into the Inca history, hiking will add an unbeatable plus with amazing views of the Urubamba valley, you will also have a chance to plunge into the turquoise-water hot spring of Cocalmayo. Peru is one of the greatest countries on earth for birding lovers. The bird population in Peru is, incredibly, about 10% of the world’s total. With nearly 2,000 species of resident and migrant birds identified throughout Peru, great bird-watching sites abound. This birding to Machu Picchu trip won’t disappoint!—Birding Tour To Machu Picchu.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime – give us a call at +51 984 464 391 or shoot us an email at to learn more or book your spot today!

This trip is officially operated by Peru Summit Adventures, a 100% local tour operator based in Cusco

Highlights, Peru Summit Adventures™ Advantages:

Since 2014 and since the very first day of our operation, Peru Summit Adventures has been blazing new trails, new ways of experiencing in Ausangate Trek and Rainbow Mountain. Our trailblazing is just one reason we are a uniquely qualified local company to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

  • A fully-supported journey, with your own private birding tour guide and a private crew.
  • 2 full days of birding, 2 days to hike to Machu Picchu and 1 day to explore Machu Picchu.
  • Train your eyes and binoculars on the trees in Cusco’s biodiversity hotspots, including lowland tropical and highland, and cloud forests.
  • Follow a section of Inca Trail with amazing vistas, end your day at exuberant hot springs.
  • Spot colorful tropical species such as resplendent Cock of the rock (Peru’s national bird), tanagers, parakeets, masked trogons, hummingbirds, and many other species.
  • Take our private trails that are rich in birdlife and are accessed only to our clients.

Group Size: We need a minimum of 02 people to depart to Birding Tour To Machu Picchu. Family groups, friend travelers, couple travelers or even if you’re a SOLO traveler, you are welcome to our adventure to Machu Picchu. Prices are per person which are based on two people who might share a room / tent. The itinerary is described and based on shared services; however, you are looking for a private service, that would be upon request.

The Smallest Groups en Route—Averaging Just 4 Travelers!

Could you imagine trying to hike silently along an isolated trail, carefully not disturbing shy wildlife, with 10 or 20 other travelers? Or walking on a remote area to explore the pristine wilderness with dozens of other tourists at your side? We know meaningful nature encounters must be undertaken in small groups. That’s why our trips come with an average of just four travelers, by far the smallest groups in the tourism industry across the country. This not only guarantees you more personal close-up wildlife experience, but a less-impact presence on the earth’s brittle natural places we love.

We Deliver on Our Promises

We are very confident the quality of our journeys will get your expectations and that you will savor the best possible of cultural travel experience, nature travel experience, and adventure travel experience if you are dissatisfied, we’ll happily give you credit for an extra trip or for a future journey. It’s, to our knowledge, the best guarantee in the travel business!

Think Green, Think Global for a Better Place for Everyone

Traveling with us you are making a big difference in favor of the environment, our trips are rated as eco-friendly trips to ensure that fragile ecosystems are protected and maintained for future human generations, also maintain ecosystem and environment integrity through considering a sustainable and ethical business model. Making genuine and sustainable itineraries often translates to real costs, with a host of responsible travel practices that underpin our prices.


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