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Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Us

What Makes Us Different!… Here’s, Why You Should Book With Us!

Making a choice of your travel company/ tour operator is the most important decision you will make as you make your plans for a long-anticipated adventure and a dream adventure. At first glance, some companies may seem cheaper. However, when you research a little deeper, you will see why traveling with Peru Summit Adventures assures that you will have the most memorable travel experience possible. In fact, we guarantee it. Making genuine and sustainable itineraries often translates to real costs, with a host of responsible travel practices that underpin our prices, here are the reasons why you should go with us!

Ausangate Trek 7 days


Since 2014 and since the very first day of our operation, Peru Summit Adventures has been blazing new ways of experiencing in Machu Picchu, Cusco, and other destinations of Peru on Luxury Private Tours, Hiking Tours, Custom Tours, and Nature Trips. Our trailblazing is just one reason we are a uniquely qualified local company to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.



We are the experts when it comes to customizing tours and treks

A trekking to Machu Picchu, a Machu Picchu private tour, trekking in the Andes, or a Peru trip is something that many travelers experience only once in a lifetime, so it has to be perfect. This is why we profoundly appreciate details and why we sweat the small stuff. No stone is left unturned in our quest to deliver exceptional private tours, private trekking tours and expeditions in Peru. With us, it’s all about you, and your traveling mates too, for sure! We take your wants, needs, time constraints, budgets and personal travel style into account to deliver experiences that are far from standard.


Our incredible private signature series itinerary (on trekking, private tours, expeditions)

Peru Summit Adventures consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, and no Peru Summit journey is complete without that extra, unexpected and that makes your experience unique and memorable. At Peru Summit, our personalized tours in Peru, are designed to leave not just a positive impression, but a lasting one too. Sure, you’ll go home with outstanding photos (that’s a given), but you’ll also return from our trips with much more, a sense of rejuvenation, priceless family memories, and new perspectives on and a greater understanding of the world and its cultures.

In addition, in our Customized Trips section, we’ll develop an itinerary together, this is your private and wholly customized tour, so we think it’s only fair you get to have your say. Which is why, at this stage we revert back to you so you can share your thoughts. Once we’ve got some feedbacks, we’ll start refining your itinerary. All the while, we’ll remain in contact by phone and email, should you have any thoughts, concerns or lightning-bolt realizations. The process continues until we’ve got an itinerary you are truly excited about.



Safety is at the core of everything we do at Peru Summit Adventures. There is nothing that we take more seriously. It’s for this reason that our Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders are very well equipped with proper equipments for outdoor adventures in all Peru Trips, and many dozens of great oxygen tanks, radio “walky talky” which are modern and cared for meticulously. Our mountain Tour Leaders & Trek Leaders are all highly qualified ones.



We have the ultimate in equipments, as our duty is to have everything top notch. We own one of the best four-season tents Bombshelter Black Diamond and North Face Summit Series whose size is four-person tent, but we use them for two guests. And other camping equipment, dining tent with comfortable table and chairs, and a kitchen tent, manned by a professional cooking staff. Our fine cookware and tableware are out of common and ordinary, than other companies normally use on the hikes; which, make a lot of difference.
In addition, we have Leki and Black Diamond hiking poles, Therma-Rest mattresses, and great goose-down sleeping bags for renting. With us you’ll enjoy of these great equipments, and your adventure will be pleasant and enjoyable.



Our Trek Leaders / Tour Leaders

Our Peru Summit professional Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders with a deep knowledge of the, route, destination and a focus on customer service makes all the difference in the route. Our Tour Leaders are experts in Inca history, nature, birding, gastronomy, local language (Quechua), local traditions, emergency procedures, etc, with a deep connection to Peru’s enthralling traditional culture. They take care of all the journey details so that you can enjoy the experiences of the trip and make a wonderful adventure of it. And just as important, our Tour Leaders have a remarkable gift to share their extensive knowledge and favorite places. Our Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders have the warmth, knowledge, courage, endless energy, and that special “it” factor that transforms a journey into an unforgettable experience.


Our Dedicated Passionate Summit Staff

Our Peru Summit Adventures staff are friendly, funny, and great storytellers, We love what we do and it’s obvious. A simple concept, yes, but it makes all the difference. The team at Peru Summit all live and breathe the trip, experience, adventure, (you’ll see this when you arrive!). We love what we do, and it’s obvious. From the moment you arrive you’ll feel the buzz and excitement that Peru Summit offers. All our staff are stoked to be a part of this special experience for you and this shows through their energy and positive vibes they give out. We’re a big family and you’ll love our welcoming atmosphere. We value your opinions and hope that you’ll come to value ours too, as we succeed in providing not just more than you expect but also more than you can imagine. It’s not just our clients that matter, either. We are equally passionated about people and environments who we work with. That’s why, we’re more than happy to arrange for travelers to participate in philanthropic efforts, cultural interchanges and other mutually enriching experiences.



We are officially licensed tour operator in Peru accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism (MINCETUR) via DIRCETUR Cusco and the Municipality of Cusco.

Peru Summit Adventures License



A) Crew Welfare (Trek Leader, Cook, Porter/ Muleteer)

Before running Peru Summit Adventures, the founders of PSA worked as muleteers, second guides, and head guides leading travelers to Machu Picchu, working for different companies locals and foreigners in a precarious way, with unfair wages, and miserable budgets for a trip, based on this bad experience Peru Summit Adventures was started with new perspectives and core values for everyone who is part of this team, that is how we created this chapter for Peru Summit Adventures Crew Welfare.

We would not be able to reach off the beaten paths or any trails to reach Machu Picchu without them. Mountain muleteers, porters, cooks, and Leaders are a fundamental part of each Peru Summit Adventures trekking adventures, expeditions, and natural adventures. Getting our travelers off the beaten path and making their trips a lifetime experience mean that we use the self-sufficiency of camping and all adventure logistics, a style of adventure that is enabled by our Crew (porters, muleteers, cooks, Trek Leaders). On a trek or expedition the whole group of travelers, trek leaders, muleteers/ porters, and cooks are alike, they are a team who share the same needs for safety and other needs in the mountain environment. Our Crew Welfare Code of Conduct ensures safe working conditions for the mountain trek leaders, muleteers/porters, cooks we employ in Cusco and all Peru trekking destinations.

Our Crew We Employ Recieve
  • Weight restrictions of carrying no more than 20kg/ 40 pounds for Inca Trail (that’s why our Inca Trail tours are expensive than others). More porters mean less weight but more expensive and fewer porters mean more weight but cheaper fare. 
  • The same medical kit, emergency procedures, and evacuation processes as travelers.
  • Wages, more than average that is translated into happiness, enthusiasm, passion in every route.
  • Three meals per day and boiled water, it’s simple if our travelers eat chicken or meat, our crew does too the same way.
  • Sleeping tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and other gears (if requested).
  • Yearly meetings to discuss any other needs crew might have and areas they feel improvements are possible, everyone makes a team for a dream team, there is no boss.
  • Crew age minimum of 18, we are against under 18 years of age employment, teens under this age must be at their education centers. There are no maximum age restrictions, as we assess their suitability on their health and willingness to work.
  • Everyone has a chance to achieve their dreams to become something else in their lifes, any porter, muleteer, or cook would become an assistant guide and later on a Trek Leader, this is after taking their Tourism studies at universities or institutes which is carefully monitored and supported by Peru Summit Adventures.

B) Animal Welfare “Be an animal-friendly traveler”

Before starting Peru Summit Adventures, we worked as muleteers with our horses and mules especially in routes of Choquequirao Trek 5 days and Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 9 days. That is why we do know how to protect our animals (horses, mules) in every destination we operate our treks. We know how important our animals are for us and for our other muleteers too. Besides, we must do a positive impact everywhere we go minimizing as much as possible our presence during the wildlife encounters. Under the guidance of World Animal Protection, we have developed our Animal Welfare in our trips Code of Conduct, defending for cruelty-free animal encounters, and encouraging travelers to follow the steps outlined below.

Steps to Being an Animal-Friendly Traveller
  • We are against to overcharge our horses/ mules with lots of items.
  • Do not buy souvenirs made from wild animals such as fur, condor feather, shells, seahorses, teeth, deer horns and turtle shells.
  • Avoid animal based entertainments, within this, are the festivals and attractions that subject animals to cruelty for entertainment such as animal circuses, dancing bears, cockerel fights, running of the bull, and any festival that causes animal tortures.
  • The best way for animal encounters is in a wild in their natural habitat. Observe carefully animals in their natural habitat exhibiting natural behaviors and do not disturb or initiate contact with them.
  • Avoid visiting zoos, most of the animals at these places were bought from illegal animal traffics.
  • Only visit and support animal sanctuaries and shelters whose objectives of the organization are in the animals’ best interests (e.g. re-homing, rehabilitation or release into the natural wild habitat).



At Peru Summit Adventures, we are 100% committed to providing each customer with a professional tours & travel experience. This extends from the moment someone phones us or visits our website, right through to after completing their tours and saying good bye to our staff. We believe that by ensuring every aspect of what we do is professional then our business will continue to grow and each customer’s experience will be safe and awesome.
Besides, our passionate and experienced travel-loving staff have heaps of tourism and hospitality industry knowledge as well as the adventure-seeker spirit needed to create unique and interesting itineraries. Then there is our thriving network of many top-of-their-field Tour Leaders / Trek Leaders, drivers, historians, chefs, and experts, who will ensure your experience is unforgettable.



Make the most of Peru’s natural beauty with outdoor picnics on each adventure tour, and Discover the delights of Peruvian cuisine in each tour destinations and outdoor tours. So food is awesome!
A new introduction to holistic food, which is Natural Food in all our tour adventures (Treks, Picnic Trips, Amazon Jungle Trips, Expeditions Trips). In a holistic diet, you eat natural food, avoid highly processed foods, eat in moderation foods high in fat and sugar. Natural foods that are included in our holistic diet include vegetables, whole grains, fish, fowl, meats, fresh juices, local fruits, herbal teas and coffee substitutes. Freshly prepared foods provide more energy and are better for your well-being than previously prepared foods. Our summit chefs are to Food what Leonardo da Vinci is to Art, so we rely on really experienced Quechua chefs who were trained and chosen to make this food in the mountains, and they are our stars.
In addition, making the right food choices can help prevent future health problems on your trip, so because of that we introduced this service in each of our tour adventures.



Our team visits and thoroughly investigates all destinations, services and amenities featured on our Adventure Trips, Expedition Trips, and Luxury Peru Trips, so we can be sure we are offering the best quality, services and price for our clients. Therefore, Peru Summit Adventures trips are a collection of unique tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and natural habitats of the places we explore. They offer more inclusions, greater hands-on exploration, interactions with local experts, and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of traveling in a small group or private group. We do include plenty of free time for you to do anything you wish on your trips. Each tour includes opportunities to learn about our world through unique interactive experiences with local experts.



Let’s make this world a better place for everyone and for everyone that lives in it! The natural environments that we travel to are fragile and abundant with beautiful culture and traditions that are often reliant on tourism. We have a responsibility as travelers to minimize the impact of our presence, protect what is delicate, and leave a positive influence everywhere we can. Creating genuine and sustainable itineraries often translates to real costs, with a host of responsible travel practices that underpin our prices. As a locally owned and based Peruvian tour company, we integrate these practices into our in-country operations we are aiming for a style of travel that makes the world a better place for everyone, and for everyone that lives in it. Since our very first days as a tour operator, responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. Peru Summit Adventures is committed not just to treading lightly, but to making a real difference by helping and investing in local communities, education initiatives, environmental conservation projects. We are all about operating our trips in a responsible manner, incorporating principles of sustainable tourism, and development into the way we provide our travelers with real life experiences. These values are not more than just words, they are ingrained in the culture and philosophy of our crew, daily operations of Peru Summit Adventures trips and at our office too.

Even if you do not select Peru Summit Adventures for your hike or trip, we encourage you to choose a Tour Operator or a Travel Company with these guidelines. We are also proud to feature Peru Summit Adventures Philanthropy, our non-profit arm that supports education-focused and conservation-focused causes. Find here more info… We are all about giving back!



We are a local family enterprise truly, we are all locals from the founder until the muleteer, and Inca Trail porter. Peru Summit Adventures was born out of a simple observation. Our founder, Carlos Borda, who has worked for other foreigner travel companies & local travel companies as a tour leader witnessed a large group of exasperated tourists being joined in a group on a trek to Machu Picchu through Inca Trail, where no one was able to get that memorable experience expected on their adventure and witnessed other large groups of exasperated tourists being shepherded onto a tour bus in Peru. These sad scenes provoked a light-bulb moment, what Peru needed was a specialized, customer-oriented travel agent that treated travelers not as faceless, nameless numbers to fill coach spaces, but as individual people. Ever since Peru Summit has been providing private trips, only small groups for big adventures and experience, flexible and customized trips in Peru.

Besides, Carlos the founder of Peru Summit Adventures has been exploring the wilderness areas of Cusco for over 10 years, at the same time hiking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for over 300 times, Salkantay Trek for over 200 times, Choquequirao Trek for over 150 times, Ausangate Trek for over 100 times, Lares Trek for over 50 times, being at Machu Picchu for over 600 times, wandering on the typical, hidden streets and places of Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Peru for uncountable times, and also hiking the other trails and destinations at least for over 20 times, it’s how we started this great project of Peru Summit after a proper exploration the mountains of Peru and Cusco to conquer the ultimate destinations like Machu Picchu, which guarantee your trip an once in a lifetime experience and 100% satisfactory.

If you did not know, foreign companies come to Peru to get rich without a General Sales Tax or Tax Contribution to our country. If you did not know that, according to the United Nations, for every US $100 spent on a tour in a developing country or foreign travel companies, only $5 stays in the local economy, Normally, almost all of the money flows back to large companies operating outside the destination countries. As we are a local family enterprise, we guarantee that your travel expenditures will support the local economy, and improve the lives of Peruvians, contributing our general sales tax.



Creating authentic trips for authentic explorers, and we don’t make tours, we make experiences. These were our main ideas for each of our trips since the first day of our operation, and that’s how we’ve been making a genuine boutique adventure in the wilderness of the Peruvian Andes, the Amazon jungle, following traditional routes like the Inca Trail or Salkantay Trek, and following ancient unknown Inca Trails to reach the Inca’s fabled city—Machu Picchu, due to these authentic memorable experiences our travelers have been rating us as an excellence tour operator. Read our reviews here…



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