Inca Trail & Peru Package 11 days

Peru Package 11 days–Fall in love of Peru, starting in country’s largest city- Lima where there are lots of ideas of places to explore include a visit to the Basillica Cathedral for a glimpse of the city’s former glory or, for something different you could head to the Iglesia de San Francisco (Church of San Francisco) and take a look at its famous catacombs. As the city’s first cemetery, these underground tunnels (catacombs) contain the bones of over 70,000 people, many of which are set in cool geometric patterns.

Hike the famous Inca Trail to Machupicchu where you will feel as a pilgrim walking along the original Inca stonework path to the inca sacred city, as the peruvian’s ancestor the INCAS used to do, getting Machu Picchu in the morning. Take advantage the Sun Gate of the peaceful early morning quiet to grab some awesome pics from every angle as the sun rises above the mountain tops.

Sail on the world’s highest lake Titicaca to reach their islands; among them the Uros Islands are fascinating to visit and you’ll love experiencing the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals here. You’ll get a glimpse at the local lifestyle as you visit small fish farms, a natural history museum, a local’s home and check out the variety of wares for sale by the women of the community, including local textiles and mini totora reed boats. You can opt to take a ride one of the larger reed boats the only one transportation that the islanders have.

Group Size: ( minimum 04 people) prices per person are based on four people. The itinerary is described and based on shared services; however, you are looking for a private service, that would be upon request.

Service Level: Upgraded

Physical Grading:  1 2 3 4 5 6

STRENUOUS: Full-day hikes (6-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many hikes. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 14,500 feet are in this category. (only for Inca Trail).

Important Note: While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes. Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessary liable to local conditions, eg, strikes, natural desasters, these changes might be at the discretion of your travel company.

Accommodation Type

Accommodation, three-star hotel.

Outdoor Accommodation , Tents.

Accommodation, four-star hotel or more, upon request.

Price: From US$ 3350/ 11 Days.

The price is subject to three-star hotel in Peru; however, you want to have four-start or five-start hotel we would provide you that class hotel, so you would add the difference to the total balance. Besides the price is based on four-person. Whether you would like to take a private service, our service would increase in US$350 with two-person, US$300 with three-person, US$250 with four-person or more, these prices are applied to each person.

Student with a valid ISIC student ID: US$ 2680; Children under seven years of age receive a 10% discount. Children between 7 and 15 years pay the student price, but must show a copy of their passport (this discount is only valid for Machupicchu)

We need a minimum of four people to run the tour. We guarantee that your tour will be limited to a maximum of 8 people. To ensure a private tour with us, our price increases US$350 with two-person, US$300 with three-person, US$250 with four-person or more, these prices are applied to each person.

Limited Spaces: Yes. To protect the historical trail, the number of people allowed to hike the Inca Trail each day is limited to 500. That is why, you should reserve your space as soon as possible. Spaces can be filled up three to four months in advance. Spaces fill more quickly in the high tourist season, from May to September (only for Inca Trail).

Acclimatization: Please allow a minimum of 2 days in Cusco before your hike begins (only for Inca Trail).

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Arrival any time in the morning to the international airport of Lima where our tour manager waits for you, and meets up you to take to the hotel, at the hotel you will be informed about the fascinating journey that awaits you. subsequently   we start with our tour visiting the pre-incan temple of Huaca Pucllana then we go sightseeing along the important places of the capital, such as San Martin Square, Main square where we see the government palace, the basilica cathedral, archbishop’s palace, the municipality of lima, typical colonial streets with nice mansions. Then we visit the convent of Sain Francis where we see beautiful cloisters, catacombs, the religious museum, the choir, the library of the monks, the sacristy with the collection of Rivera and Zurbaran’s canvas, subsequentely we visit the modern Lima: San Isidro, El Olivar, Larco Mar from where we have a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, after a while we go to a nice restaurant to have lunch.

In the afternoon we visit the Gold Museum Of Peru. The ancient peruvian were great fantastic silversmiths and goldsmiths that employed particular techniques to work on the metal, as the process of “cire perdue” which was known and disappeared in eastern until the Renaissance. In our excursión to the museum we see a great collection of gold artifacts from different pre-incan cultures, some artifacts date from 3,000 b.c, on the exhibition incalculable jewelries that are finely wrought that were used by the Incas, the children of the Sun God, and the other monarches. Besides the museum keeps a valuable Collection of antique and modern guns which are among the best of its kind in the World. after having a great tour into the museum we go back to the hotel.


We will wake up very early in the morning to drive to the airport and take the flight to Cusco, at your arrival time in Cusco you will meet up with our tour manager at the airport, then to drive to the hotel in Cusco where you will get an informative breifing about the fascinating journey in Cusco and Puno from your tour manager, after that we will drop the lugagges off at the hotel and we will start with our excursión in the city. A day on leisure in the ancient capital of the incan Empire entitled a World´s Heritage site by UNESCO. In the morning you will explore the stunning fortress-temple Sacasayhuaman, Qenqo, Pukapukara, and Tampumachay. About midday you will have a great lunch at one of the typical restaurants, after having the lunch we continue exploring the Cusco’s antique streets, and we arrive walking to the extraordinary Temple of the sun Qoricancha, the most important religous site of the incas in the lower Cusco This sumptuous temple’s walls and floors were allegedly once covered by sheets of solid gold. This temple was once one of the most important religious site of the Incan people in the city of Cusco. On this tour we also visit a local market where you taste fresh-baked Chuta bread, and you still see some local items, articles for different purposes and aims, then you go walking to the main square in which you will feel at the plenary puma’s heart, (because Cusco the capital of the incan Empire was designed in a puma shape), and from here wou will see the colonial buildings, the cathedral and the other chuches around, eventually we go back to the hotel.


Full day guided tour in the Sacred Valley, visiting important incan sites, as Pisaq, and Ollantaytambo, along with the visits to the local interesting places ( e.g, chicheria a place where you would have a local typical corn beer and play frog game). At each visited Incan site you will have stunning views and rich history, and you will be amazed by the architectural styles, walls, palaces, granaries, temples, terraces, etc.

You have another way of visiting the Sacred Valley, exploring the incan sites of Chinchero, Moray, Salt Mines Maras, Ollantaytambo. We have these two options because in the Sacred valley of the Incas you have several Incan sites to visit, and according to your preferences   you might disccus with your tour manager that way to provide it to you, one of the options that you would like more.


We pick you up early from your hotel in Cusco and take two and a half-hour total drive through the Sacred Valley to the beggining of the trail which is Piskacucho KM 82 ( 2,720 m/ 8,923 feet). On the half drive in Ollantaytambo at plenum heart of the sacred valley we will stop to have breakfast(this first breakfast is not included in your package tour), then we keep driving for one-hour to get the beggining of the inca trail; in which, we will stop at main checkpoint to register, for this, you must bring your original passport and that way you will get your passport stamped of the inca trail. Once we pass the main checkpoint we will walk about three-hour to lunch spot of Miskay through the inca trail, this part of the trail is mostly flat, and on this part of the path we will see the first incan site known as Kanabamba, and shortly there after we arrive at Miskay in which we will have a delicious lunch enjoying picturesque sceneries around us, e.g. farther away the Veronica snow-capped mountain (Waqaywillka), once we finish to have our lunch we will have time to take a super nap or siesta, afterwards we walk valley up for three and a half-hour to the first campsite, called Wayllabamba located at an altitude of 9,745 feet / 2980 m. About this first day the most interisting place to see from above section, is Llaqtapata (incan site which is comprised of temples, palaces, terraces), that was used as nexus point between the cities from jungle side and the cities from highlands during the incan empire. When we arrive to our first campsite we will find it, everything ready such as: our tents already set up, our duffel bags, our thermal rest inside the tents, warm water in small vats to wash our hands and face, and the special one is, when we arrive at campsite we will be so welcomed and so clapped by our porters; after a while we will have our tea time where we enjoy delicious local tea, local empanada, popcorn, etc, accompanied by hot chocolate, organic coffee from the jungle of Cusco. Eventually, we are finishing the day having a great novo-andean dinner; after all, we pass to our tents to have a great rest.

Weather: moderate and/or mild.


The second day is the most challenging, This morning after having a great breakfast we continue hiking on the inca trail, the path is uphill until getting the Deadwoman Pass ( 13,784 feet/ 4215 m) which is the highest point on the inca trail, as we hike to this pass, we will get in different ecotones ( a transition area between two adjacent ecological communities “ecosystems”), befote to crown the summit we have lunch at place known as Llulluchapampa, so using that lunch’s energy to fulfill the summit, when we will have made it, we will take a well-deserved break to enjoy the sceneries around, from this highest point we walk downhill to get the second campsite called Pacaymayu.

At the arrival, we will be welcomed warmly with claps by our porters, after a while tea time, eventually dinner.


Early in the morning we take our breakfast, then to keep walking uphill on the inca trail until we reach the socond pass called Runkuraqay 13,015 feet/ 3980 m, this third day as distinct from the other previuos days, you will enjoy several incan sites (Runkuraqay, Sayaqmarka, Phuyupatamarca, Intipata) where you get a rich information on history and the importance of each incan site, and we get the high jungle a proper cloud forest jungle, as we hike to the third campsite we will see couple of gorgeous orchids. About midday we will have lunch at place called Chaquiqocha. Later, we will reach Wiñaywayna, translated to “Forever Young,” ( 2,650 m / 8,694 feet.) At the arrival, we will be welcomed warmly with claps by our porters, after a while tea time, eventually dinner.


The most important day, because that day, it is the day of llaqta(city) MACHU PICCHU, there is no way to describe the feeling of the first sights of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate, as the mist rises off the mountains early in the morning and the astonishing llaqta (city) appears in front of you. this day, all the sores, and the other uneasiness of the trek are transformed in happiness, because we will be iluminated by the energy, that way we will be entering in the wonder, undearneath the sunrise; eventually, after walking about fourty five minutes from the Sun Gate, we will have arrived to the new seven wonder of the world, where the masterpiece is combined in one element with thounsands of elements to have a brilliant combination and perfection. in which, all our dreams will come reality. The morning is dedicated to exploring the extraordinary Machu Picchu, where your guide will give you a thorough three-hour tour. Following your tour, you will have time to yourself before taking the bus to Aguas Calientes. We will then have our last lunch before you take the train back to Cusco.


Today, we have a full day trip to Puno on a tourist bus (the bus is shared with other travelers), en route you will have several stops at each interesting historical sites where you will have a tour with a guide who comes on aboard, the tickets to enter at each visited site is not included as you need to get your own ticket personally at each place, and at the same time some people opt to stay on the bus (the total cost is USD15.00 per person). Upon arrival in Puno, you will be transferred to hotel.


We will go to the hotel to pick you up at 7:00am, then to drive to the main lake-port from where to go aboard the boat, we will have a 30-minute drive to get the floating islands, once we arrive the inhabitants of the islands will welcome us, then they will let us know concerning of their daily social life on the floatings islands, and we will have time to hangout with them. After being with the local ones we will continue sailing to get the next island Amantani, when we arrive to the lake-port of Amantani, the local people will be waiting for us with a big and contagious smile who will take us to their house to have lunch, and where we will stay that night, in the afternoon we will explore the island and of course we will go to Pachatata ( pre-incan temple) from where we will have stunning sunset. At night about 7:00 pm we will have dinner, then we will be invited by the locals to be part of their celebration party, eventually at about 10:30 pm we go back the house to sleep.


We will have breakfast made by the local family, right away to take the boat to Taquile island after 1-hour sailing we will arrive to the island, when we arrive to this island we will explore for 45 minutes the outsides of the little town after that we will have lunch at one of the local restaurants, from this island we will have awesome views of the lake, later on we will explore the little picturesque town, and we will have about 30-minute walk by a short path to get the boat. In the afternoon we will navigate for 2:30 hours back to the main lake-port, from where we will take our private van back to hotel.


Early in the morning we go to the hotel to pick you up in our private transportation to drive to the airport of Juliaca, we drive for about 45 minutes to get the airport where we say good bye each another and end of our service.


  • Transportation from your hotel to the start of the trail.
  • Entrance fee and permits to Inca trail and Machu Picchu.
  • Bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes.
  • Train ticket back to Cusco at the end of our journey.
  • Camping Equipment 4 season tent (04 people tent for 02 people).
  • Other camping equipment, a dining tent with table and chairs, and a kitchen tent, manned by a professional cooking staff.
  • Private bus from the train station to hotel in Cusco.
  • Trek Leader (tour guide) for Cusco and Inca Trail, and other local guides for Lima and Lake Titicaca
  • Meals: Breakfast (3), lunch (3), dinner (3), and snacks (only for Inca Trail) with option for vegetarians, gluten free, lactose free, etc.
  • A professional quechua chef who grew up in the countryside, and several Quechua Porters who will carry the equipment.
  • All transfers from the airport to hotel, and from hotel to airport.
  • Cusco Magic and surroundings ( city tour) Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pukapuka, tambomachay, Cusco’s Typical streets, Sun Temple Qoricancha, Typical local market,
  • The Valley of the Sun ( Sacred Valley of the Incas), we have two options; option Nº 01 ( Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Chicheria “ corn beer spots”, textile center), option Nº 02 ( Chinchero, Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, Chicheria “corn beer spot”), please note, let us know about your choice, if you do not have yet any so get some information from your Tour leader who will explain you with details about these two options.
  • Inca Trail ( meals, equipment, guide, inca trail tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, transportation from the train station to hotel)
  • All private transportation for the sightseeing days.
  • Hotel in Peru, 07 nights of hotel accommodation, We provide you three-star hotel.
  • Entrance fee to the lake Titicaca.
  • Entrance tickets to listed places in Lima.
  • Two-day tour in lake Titicaca.
  • Extra porter for Inca Trail too carry your 7kg / 14 pounds of personal items.
  • Duffle bags for Inca Trail where to put the personal items which will be carried by our porters.


  • International airfares and domestic airfares ( please let us know detailed information about your flight tickets, to pick you up from the airport). On day 11, you need to purchase your flight ticket from Juliana airport to Lima and Lima to Home.
  • All airport departure tax, Lima International departure tax is approximately US$ 35, and Lima Domestic Departure tax is approximately US$10.
  • Meal Budget, ( while your stay at hotel or sightseeing) between US$15 to US$20 for every meal not included.
  • Additional nights during the trip due to the flight cancellations.
  • Sleeping bag (available for renting USD 5.00 per day).
  • Hiking poles (available for renting USD 5.00 per day a pair of poles, Black Diamond or Leki brand).
  • Entrance tickets for visited places on the way to Puno, these tickets are purchased directly and personally at each place.
  • Extra expenditure during the trek, such as: soda, alcoholic drinks, extra snacks, tickets for the hot Springs in Aguas Calientes.
  • Gratuities for the guides, porters, and other staff (expected but not compulsory).
  • Travel Insurance and things of a personal nature – laundry and telephone calls, personal taxis, souvenirs etc.
  • Travel and health insurance (bring copies with you please), we highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation, interruption; an insurance to protect your travel investment, Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance. Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control, including changes in scheduling trains or flights, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, etc. it should be covered by the passenger as a whole. Also, if you for physical reasons of health cannot continue the trek or walk, and will need emergency evacuation then all charges incurred such as transportation, hotel, ambulance, doctors, medication, hospitalization, etc. will be at passenger’s expense.


  • Original passport and Student ISIC card (if applicable), and some copies.
  • Travel insurance (and some copies)
  • Sleeping bag (or you can rent one from us).
  • Backpack to carry your things.
  • Phone and Camera charger and adapter.
  • Bathing suit (if you would like to enjoy the hot springs in Aguas Calientes).
  • Camera.
  • Power bank battery.
  • Torch or headlamps.
  • Deet or mosquito repellent ( recommendable 30% deet).
  • Hiking poles ( or you can rent one pair from us)
  • Rain gear (especially if traveling in the wet season, from October to March).
  • Comfortable hiking clothes, including warm clothes for the nighttime.
  • Good hiking boots with protector ankle or similar, and one pair of flip-flops or light sandals.
  • Sunblock and sunglasses.
  • Hiking long sleeve T-shirts.
  • Hiking trousers.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Hiking socks.
  • Water bottle or canteen.
  • American dollars and peruvian soles in cash.
  • Sun hat, cap, and warm hat and gloves for the nighttime
  • Toilet paper, and face tissue paper.
  • Crédit or debit card.
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen).
  • Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhoea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may take).

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