Nazca Lines Tour

Nazca Lines tour–Unfold the great enigma of the unique Nasca Lines, with the naked eye from the window of an airplane by a private guide. On this amazing experience you’ll spot the outlines of a parrot, hummingbird, spider, condor, dog, whale, monkey with a tail wound like a top, giant spirals, huge trapezoids, and, perhaps oddest of all. These lines are located in San José desert, which are spectacularly marked by 70 giant plant and animal figures, as well as a warren of mysterious geometric lines, carved into the barren surface. Throughout the Nasca Valley, an area of nearly 1,000 sq. km (390 sq. miles), there are at least 10,000 lines and 300 different figures. Most are found alongside a 48 km (30-mile) stretch of the Pan-American Highway. Some of the biggest and best-known figures are about 21km (13 miles) north of Nasca. Most experts believe they were constructed by the Nasca (pre-Inca) culture between 300 B.C. and A.D. 700, although predecessor and successor cultures — the Paracas and Huari — might have also contributed to the desert canvas. The lines were discovered in the 1920s when commercial airlines began flights over the Peruvian desert. From the sky, they appeared to be some sort of primitive landing strips.

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Three-star hotel.

Price: From US$ 520/ 2 days / per person.

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At 4:00 am we will pick you up from the hotel in Lima, then we will leave to paracas, at 7:45 am we will get to Paracas and we will drive to the Chaco wharf. At 8:00 am, excursion to Ballestas islands; we will take a boat to get the national reserve of Paracas, during the excursion we will stop to see the amazing candelabra figure that was drawn on the hillside of Paracas bay nobody knows or has any idea about this figure, only some theories have some references that the pirates may have drawn to have an orientation point. Anyway our guide will share an information with you about this figure, subsequentely we will get the Ballestas Islands where we will enjoy the sea fauna, we will go around the isles, passing through the big caves, natural formation rocks that are home for pelicans, Humbolt penguins, seals, dolphins, etc. After visiting whole the isles we will come back to the Chaco wharf. At about 10:30 am we will take the excursión to National Reserve of Paracas that is protected by the national government and the only one national reserve that protects the sea fauna and flora. We will leave the place to drive through the Paracas desert on the way we will stop at a nice viewpoint to see spectacular views of Paraca’s blue sea and some natural formations. At about 1:00 pm we will drive to Ica for 45 minutes, once we arrive to Ica we will enjoy a delicious lunch, in the afternoon we will visit the artisanal winery center where we will learn about the pisco’s production process and we will taste different sort of piscos and wines, then we will visit the Huacachina lagoon, from this place we drive our dune buggies toward the great dunes where we will have so much fun with our buggies, driving through the great desert going uphills and downhills. This part of the desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in southamerica where you will have awesome views and will take great pictures, and you will have the chance to learn the sandborading which will be taught by our guide. Later on we will leave to the city of Nazca which is famous with its gigantic design drawing on the desert which are dated from 2,000 years, and you can only see from the air. When we arrive to Nazca we will go to make our check-in at the hostal where we will spend the night.


At 8:00 amafter breakfast we will drive to the airport to start the stroll in the plane upon the Nazca Lines. When we arrive to the airport we will get a video informative about the Nazca Lines that way to familiarize with the lines and have a better idea of these archaeological remains that we will see from the air. The type of airplanes we use for this excursion are small airplanes, with capacity for 3 to 5 people, each one with seats to the window to see the figures correctly, the flight is for 35-minute, and during the tour you will see perfect representations of giants animals and birds; such as, condor, hummingbird, pelican, macaw, tarantula, monkey, whale, caiman, etc. Apart from these lines you will also see many other huge geometric figures that reach whole the desert and look like big landing strip. After enjoying the Nazca Lines we will drive to the famous aqueducts of Cantalloc which were a system of underground aqueduct to supply of water the valleys that did not have water thus the peoples of Nazca Culture could defeat the long drought and the famine, then we will visit the ceramic centers where the modern potters are still doing amazing works on clay. Eventually we will drive back to lima, on the way we will stop for lunch.


  • Private transportation Lima – Paracas _ Ica – Nazca – lima.
  • One night of hotel (breakfast included).
  • Sightseeing in Ballestas.
  • Entrance fee for the national reserve.
  • Sand-boarding, and buggies.
  • Private tour guide.
  • Pisco-tasting.
  • Flight upon the Nazca Lines.


  • Lunch.
  • Dinner.
  • Airfare tax ($10 pr person)
  • Gratuities for the guide and other staff
  • Extra expenditures.
  • Travel and Health insurance.


  • Original Passport
  • Backpack to carry your things.
  • Camera
  • Sunblock and sunglasses.
  • Water bottle or canteen.
  • Flip flops
  • Bathing suit
  • American dollars and peruvian soles in cash.
  • Sun hat.
  • Crédit or debit card.


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