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We are a small 100% Cusquenian Boutique Travel Company & Tour Operator with Responsible & Sustainable Practices, a company of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create customized luxury journeys to inspiring destinations. Our trips are completely based around your interests and schedule—they are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as unique as you are.
We’re delighted to share our collection of trips with you from cultural hiking adventures to expeditions, treks, private journeys, we have created adventures to fit every interest.
Carlos the founder of Peru Summit Adventures has been exploring the wilderness areas of Cusco for over 10 years, at the same time hiking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for over 300 times, Salkantay Trek for over 200 times, Choquequirao Trek for over 150 times, Ausangate Trek for over 100 times, Lares Trek for over 50 times, being at Machu Picchu for over 600 times, wandering on the typical, hidden streets and places of Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Peru for uncountable times, and also hiking the other trails and destinations at least for over 20 times, it’s how we started this great project of Peru Summit after a proper exploration in the mountains of Peru and Cusco to conquer the ultimate destinations like Machu Picchu, which guarantee your trip an once in a lifetime experience and 100% satisfactory. Since We started, Peru Summit has been renowned for its superb itineraries and top-notch Trip Leaders. What began all those years ago in a small office in Cusco city at an apartment with a desk made of a spare door set across two filing cabinets, or when the founder of Peru Summit was still leading people to Machu Picchu the e-mails used to be answered from the mountains, thus it has developed into the award-winning leader of the adventure travel industry. Our commitment to excellence and service, along with our longstanding relationships around the country guarantee that when you travel with Peru Summit, you will have a true experience of the destination, whether you are on a trek to the summit of Dead woman’s pass on Classic Inca Trail, hiking through the enchanting villages of the Andes, exploring the exquisite jungle of the Amazon Rainforest.


Peru Summit is not only committed to providing you with an unforgettable and inspiring trip, we’re also committed to ensuring your happiness and comfort throughout. When you travel with us, you can feel confident knowing we have staff in all country who are available to accommodate your wishes and needs. From the moment you pick up the phone to after you return home, Peru Summit ensures that your journey is seamless, authentic, and beyond what you had imagined.

Peru Summit Adventures™? Let us let you know, what’s the real significance of SUMMIT in our name, Because you traveller think that we are mountaineering guys. Well, that’s not as you thought. Summit is the pinaccle of something, it’s something top, so in our philosophy, Summit is Top-Notch, is First-Class; Thus, we are very proud to have and make everything SUMMIT within our team; such as, Summit Equipments, Summit Tour Leaders, Summit Chefs, Summit Drivers, Summit Crew in General, Summit Food, Summit Transportation, Absolute Summit Experience. So that’s the escence of Peru Summit
Peru Summit’s tailor-made journeys are carefully crafted to deliver a personalized adventure like no other. We build in extraordinary, enriching experiences curated just for you and put the best private Tour Leaders at your service. We do all this with Summit service attention to detail and unbeatable value for your travel dollar. The result is an experience that is more personal, more rewarding and frankly more fun. We create the experience that changes the life.

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