Inca Trail food

Inca Trail Food and Nutrition

Inca Trail Food and Nutrition: Our Food in Inca Trail Trek and Other Treks

Peruvian cuisine has been gaining accolades worldwide due to the unique ingredients found across the country which the majority of them were domesticated by the Incan civilization.

Recently the coastal city Lima has been riding a wave of growing fame for its gustatory pleasures. And it’s now drawing a new flock of visitors who travel all the way to Peru just to eat. Celebrity chefs, a mega- farmer’s market, and a “Hall of Pisco”—these are the hallmarks for many food fairs in Peru.

Inca Trail Trek and other treks like Ausangate, Choquequirao, Salkantay, Quarry Trail, Lares, Ancascocha are the perfect routes where you can give yourself this chance to try the true Peruvian cuisine that’s prepared by a local professional chef. Each meal is prepared by a chef in a small tent (kitchen tent) on a small stove, our reviews prove our meals to be excellent!  Our Peru Summit Adventures chefs are professionally trained to prepare the best breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks possible on the trail. After completing each day’s hike, you will enjoy a social happy hour (tea time) before enjoying a delicious gourmet dinner (sometimes buffet), that will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations about food on Inca Trail and other trails. We include all meals and snacks for every day from the first lunch until the last lunch in most hikes (further meal inclusion info, revise your tour/trek inclusions on your tour itinerary).

To make all these great meals possible, our chefs go to the local markets of Cusco to get fresh ingredients, they have all the freedom to select the best ingredients they want according to the food request by hikers for each hike, en route the goods are transported by porters (only in Inca Trail) and packhorses (other trails) then our food on the hikes are all fresh, healthy, nutritious, and succulent. We are against providing instant pack meals/ingredients or any canned or rehydrated food.

Do you have any special dietary requirements? No problem! We cater to vegetarians, celiacs, vegans, and any food allergies, just let us know when we request this information.

All serious food-lovers know that Peru is creating some of the world’s most innovative, exciting cuisine at the moment, and our hikes, which takes place in the highlands of Cusco, it’s a little showcase for specialties from all regions of the country. Hikers will try some of the thousands of varieties of potatoes grown in Peru, along with colorful types of quinoa, coffee, and spices

Some Samples of Our Food in Our Hikes

You will be very well fed during any of our Adventure hikes, hikers come to hike the trails thinking to lose weight but they gain some pounds for the end of the hike, that’s because of the surplus of meals on our hikes.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in our enclosed dining tent, complete with table and chairs.

Breakfast: Each morning, you’ll wake up to hot coffee, coca leaves tea, hot chocolate, and a choice of teas brought right to your tent. This is followed by a freshly prepared breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit salad, omelets, quinoa porridge, fresh juice, french toast, cereal, milk, or oatmeal.

Snack: As you start the day’s hike, we provide tasty trail snacks including fresh fruit, chocolate, candies, cookies, for this you will be provided a small Peru Summit Adventures bag where to put your snacks, it’s how we reduce the use of plastic bags in all trails we go.

Lunch: Lunches consist of a wide variety of dishes, depending on the day, including delicious roast guinea pig (a local delicacy dish), beef, chicken, fish, pasta salads, soups like quinoa soup, casseroles, chifa/chaufa (fried rice), vegetables, stuffed potato, ceviche, meat kebabs, and other offerings or surprises with appetizers and delicious desserts. They are served at comfortable dining tents and scenic spots along the trail where our staff set up tables and chairs, and quite often an open tent for shade. At each lunch stop, we set up our own private toilet tent and chemical toilet for minimal impact on the environment.

Dinner: Dinners consist of a wide variety of dishes, depending on the day and the type of hike, including vegetable salad, pizza, stuffed chicken, pasta, pork cutlet, sauteed vegetables, hot soup, and other surprises with appetizers and delicious desserts.

Happy hour (tea time): At the end of the day everyone wants to socialize in the dining tent talking about the hiking day while enjoying the hot drinks like hot chocolate, milk, coffee, variety of teas like coca leaves, biscuits, popcorn, fried stuffed wontons.

How about the water? Unlike to Inca Trail in other trails, we take water from clean springs and boil it for 10 minutes, in Inca Trail we take tap water from each campsite and boil it for 10 minutes, so it is safe for you to drink. We provide boiled water (cooled water) three times a day, right after breakfast for the morning hike, after lunch for the afternoon hike, and at night after dinner, there is plenty of water at every meal time since it’s not necessary to carry many liters of water for the day hike.

And Pisco Sour? Yes, depending on the trek you can try the Pisco sour, the indigenous white grape brandy that’s the main ingredient in the pisco sour — Peru’s national cocktail. The frothy concoction, made with egg whites, is delightful, and very refreshing.