San Pedro Market Cusco

San Pedro Market Cusco Peru

San Pedro Market Cusco Peru

San Pedro Market Cusco–It is more than likely that this local market is one of the most colorful and very interesting ones in Peru. Today this market is a must-see place for anyone if want to immerse deeper into local lively areas of this destination.

A lot of pig heads for chicharrones (deep-fried pork), sheep heads fro caldo de cabeza (sheep head soup), frog juice to boost the intelligence, huanarpo root (natural viagra) & black beer juice to enhance sexual performance are just some of the kinds of stuff to see at this place. A visit to San Pedro Market is well worth doing to try some of this local stuff or just if only to experience an authentic slice of everyday life in this city.

How to get to San Pedro Market Cusco?

San Pedro market is located just about 10 minutes to the southeast of the main square of Cusco, anyone can reach it easily. See the map below to be guided.

San Pedro Market Cusco

What to see

There are plenty of things to see since the very bizarre stuff to the colorful fruits and handicrafts.


Do not expect something fancy but expect something odd at some meals. Trout ceviche, deep-fried pork, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, chicken soup are just some of the most popular dishes that can be tasted here, on the other hand, there are some odd dishes that are served for a specific reason like the frog soup to boost to intelligence or the roasted guinea pig to celebrate someone’s birthday. Here is where you will meet all the locals at lunchtime but be aware that service is basic, prices are very low.

You can also find the jugueria–juice section to quench your thirst with freshly squeezed juices, ask the mistress to add some local exotic fruits in your juice, and why not some black beer. Like the meals, some type of juice might be very strange for you, or you can even request a juice with super nutritious ingredients like the black beer, bee honey, bee pollen, frog, and you can add the huanarpo roots to enhance your sexual life.

If you are venturing in trying some food, our recommendation would be to try Aji de Gallina, Lomo Saltado, Roasted Guinea Pig, Chicken Soup, and Caldo de Cabeza (sheep head soup). On juice, try Lucuma juice.

Since the place is focused on locals, meals or any type of food can be not good to you, we strongly recommend you skip the meals here if you are thinking to travel to Machu Picchu or taking a hike to Machu Picchu, you can try something after accomplishing your trip to Machu Picchu or any tour. This place can’t guarantee you won’t leave with a bad nasty stomach upset, It is still worth visiting though, even just to roam through the food aisles.

San Pedro Market Cusco

Souvenirs – handicraft

If you are thinking on something that is kind of simple and cheap, San Pedro Market has them all, you can even bargain with vendors for the best price, here you can find, textiles made of alpaca wool, llama wool, sheep wool, or mixed with some synthetic materials (just need to know how to differentiate). Ceramics like little cups, bowls, etc. Leather materials like belts, wallets, hats, etc. And many other souvenirs in different materials and hand-made items.

San Pedro Market Cusco


San Pedro Market is a great place to find local fruits that only exits within the country, fruits that were domesticated by the Incas, there is a section inside the market, where you will try some rare fruits like chirimoya, lucuma, awaymantu, granadilla, capuli, etc, just ask the vendors for a couple of the described fruits (peel or take the skin off the fruit).

Some bizarre stuff

At some booths inside the market, you can see rare stuff like llama or alpaca dried fetus, alpaca fat, llama fat, old coins, incense, etc, which are used by locals to offer to the Pachamama (mother earth) like offerings.

There is a booth, that specializes in making frog soup, or a mixture of soup whose ingredients are frogs, bull’s genital part, crabs, cow’s gut, local herbs, etc. All the meaning behind this soup is to boost the brain and sexual life.

This place would be definitely a great add-on to your Peru adventures, a place to rub shoulders with the locals and savor just a little taster of what life is really like in Cusco.

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