Kuelap Travel Facts

Trujillo Chiclayo Kuelap & Gocta Falls Travel Facts and Tips: The Lost Treasure of Northern of Peru

Kuelap Travel Facts

Trujillo Chiclayo Kuelap Travel Facts – Bring your travel interests and dreams to this great Peru’s northern destination, then let our experts tailor the perfect adventure for you! Off-the-beaten-path locations, local culture, wildlife encounters, this is the way to explore and make a once in a lifetime experience to this destination with Peru Summit Adventures.

The northern coastal desert of Peru holds some of the country’s greatest archaeological treasures: Chan Chan, the great adobe city of the Chimú civilization; 1,500-year-old Moche temples; and the royal tomb that brought the great Lord of Sipán to the world’s attention in 1987 — Peru’s very own King Tut.

And the region continues to make news: In 2007, a 4,000-year-old temple and mural, among the oldest discoveries of their kind in the Americas were uncovered in the Lambayeque Valley. If archaeology isn’t your thing, northern beaches along the vast Pacific coastline particularly those in and around Máncora and Organos the coast’s hot new destination, draw surfers to some of the best waves off South America. Nestled between the sierra and the Amazonia is one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls and ruins from pre-Inca times Chachapoyas, which could fairly be called the Cusco of the north–Trujillo Chiclayo Kuelap

There are three must-see destinations in the north of Peru– Lambayeque, la Libertad, and Amazonas, that we describe for you here:

La Libertad:

It is the city where one of the most elegant couple’s dances in South America was founded–the graceful Marinera Norteña, Marinera could be denominated as Peru’s most iconic dance worldwide. Meanwhile, the exquisite colonial architecture of its capital city, Trujillo, makes every corner a scene worthy of a postcard. This sunny region is also known for its time-honored traditions, like fishing on Caballitos de Totora, watercraft built from reeds on which the Chimús of old defied the unruly seas of northern Peru.

Trujillo also is known as the City of Eternal Spring because of its sunny climate, you can also visit a place like nowhere else on earth–Chan Chan, the world’s largest clay city, and an invaluable relic of this region’s ancient inhabitants. Trujillo’s archaeological riches are an important part of the Moche Route, with monumental ruins like Huaca de La Luna – the capital of the Moche civilization for more than six centuries– and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, where the Lady of Cao tells part of the millenary history of Peru. The Trujillo experience is made complete by beautiful beach resorts like the quaint Huanchaco– claimed by many to be the birthplace of Peruvian ceviche– and local fare bursting with the flavors of the sea.

Places to see in Trujillo La Libertad:

  • Chan Chan, the biggest adobe city in the world and world heritage site by Unesco.
  • Huaca de la Luna y del Sol (Sun and Moon Temples) from the Mochica culture
  • Huanchaco, a fishermen village to relax and enjoy some Ceviche
  • The Trujillo city center which is very beautiful in its colonial style
  • The El Brujo Archeological Complex
  • Puerto Chicama, Historically known as Malabrigo, this was the port of the Casa Grande sugar plantation. It is a compulsory stop for surf lovers. Its wide beach has the longest left-hand wave in the world and is the stage for longboard surf championships.


Lambayeque is another state of Peru that was home for many ancient civilizations, the result of that, this destination offers many historical and archaeological sites such as pyramids and pre-Inca administrative centers in the desert and in the middle of hot valleys. This province is famous for the sovereigns who ruled the north of Peru centuries ago and who today give us an account of its past. One of them is the star of this exhibition: the majestic Lord of Sipán.

There are also other important archaeological sites in Lambayeque that remain to be explored such as Sicán, Túcume and Chotuna, as well as modern museums with priceless collections. This Peruvian state is also famous for its beaches and spas, such as Pimentel, Puerto Eten, San José and Santa Rosa, and for its extraordinary Natural Reserves, including Chaparrí.

Places to see in Chiclayo Lambayeque:

  • El Brujo and the Lady of Cao, an amazing place with a great museum.
  • The Museum Tumbas Reales Señor de Sipan or Museum of the Lord of Sipan, one of the best museums in Peru.
  • The Monsefú Handicraft Market
  • Pyramids and Museum of Tucume.
  • The nature reserve of Chaparri (this should be a day-visit)
  • Eten, It is considered the “paja macora (straw fabric) handicraft capital” and in honor of that title, the main square sports the world’s largest paja straw hat.
  • The Huaca Rajada (pre-Incan pyramids are partially stood)


Located between the imposing Andes mountain range and the immeasurable Amazon jungle, the Amazon region is home to the Kuélap archaeological site, nestling high in the mountains and surrounded by thick forest, Kuelap a walled citadel with imposing 62-feet high stone walls.

Kuelap can be accessed by a cable car or hiked following a trail with impressive views, we have just started to organize hikes to get to this place linking with other must-see places like Gocta falls. Gocta is one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Plunging 771m/ 2,530 ft, the Gocta waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful.

Places to see in Chachapoyas Amazonas:

  • Citadel of Kuélap, also called the “Machu Picchu of the North”, from the Chachapoya cloud warriors’ culture.
  • Gocta Falls, with 771m/ 2,530 ft, it’s one of the highest in the world.
  • The Sarcophagi of Karajia and the Mausoleums of Revash.
  • The Museum of Leymebamba with its over 200 mummies
  • The Lagoon of the Condors
  • The Quiocta Cavern

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